How Tibetan Singing Bowls Are Used in Healing 

Singing bowls can be used when one wants to relax, meditate or for healing reasons. They are small and circular and are played like a bell and produce a melodious sound when you play them. Most of the singing bowls are acquired from Tibet although there are people in India, Nepal, and Bhutan who play them. The singing bowls that were made in the past had a mixture of seven metals. See this website. The singing bowls which are being sold nowadays are made of either three or five different metals. When the singing bowls are played, they give out tones that help one to feel relaxed through having some peace between the soul and the body. The singing bowls, when they are placed on the body vibrations produced by them gets to all the cells in the form of massage through the body. Before long, one feels relaxed.
From the vibrations and the relaxation they bring, some healing to the sick bodies or relaxation when one needs that. Singing bowls can either be played using a mallet or rubbing the bowl using a wooden stick which gives out continuous tones in the form of music. A good singing bowl should be able to produce different tones at one time when one moves the mallet around the bowls. The first thing that you should do for you to get ready for a cellular sound massage is to lay flat on your back. If you are in a comfortable state, you can put the singing bowl on your chest and start playing. See more from To avoid slipping of the bowls due to vibrations, you can place a mat which stops the slipping between your body and the bowl.
You can use a mallet to strike the singing bowl if you feel comfortable enough. The bowl will then start ringing which will make you hear the rings and feel them go through your body. The sound will go to your chest and then move to the other parts of your body which will make you feel relaxed. The bowl will continue to sing for some time, but you can continue striking it if you have enough energy. You can get someone to strike the bowl for you if you want it played from your back since you may not be able to play it in that position. When you strike the bowl, it will produce a resonate sound, but when you rub it, it will produce a singing sound.